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Drinking Water Plants


Drinking Water purification is a globe concern. Especially the onset of Hepatitis at epidemic levels has made it an urgent need of the time. Clean Drinking Water should contain no suspended matter, heavey metals, harmful chemicals, Arsenic etc; Bacteria, or Virus.

Inadequate and cosmetic filters have flooded the market for some time. But we at B.H. feel our responsibility to the situation. Our treatment plants are designed considering the raw water quality, to produce potable water of acceptable international standards.

"DRO", (For brackish water purification)
DRO Drinking Water Reverse Osmosis Plants are used to convert brackish water in to sweet, safe drinking water.

"Utech", (For sweet water purification)
Utech Membrane Separation System physically removes all impurities, contaminants, cysts/crypto, bacteria and virus.

"BIGPURE", (Conventional Filtration Plant)
Conventional sand + carbon + UV type plants, are built to the highest standard of materials, workmanship and performance.

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