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Company Profile

Nature of Business: Water Treatment. Plants, Equipment, Chemicals & Services, Gas Detectors and Specialty Welding Alloys

Years in business: * 34th year. Founded in 1975
Incorporated as Private Limited Company in 1986.

Largest Filtration Plant installed: 10 million gallons per day
Automatic Filtration Plant for Canal Water And thousands of smaller units

Largest R.O. Plant installed: 1,440,000 liters/day (1 M3/minute)

Offices at: * Faisalabad (1975) and Liasion office at Lahore (1991)

Number of plants installed so far: Over 1200 large plants

Largest Scale Controller installed: On 12 inch diameter water line of Heat Exchanger

Drinking Water Plants: Our “DRO” and “Utech” series incorporate the latest technology in this field.

Gas Chlorinators installed: At various large establishments incuding NASCOM,
Ghazi Barotha Project (Three large Gas Chlorinators at central treatment station)

International Quality Award:
in Water Treatment, 1993 (See Video)

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B.H. Industries is the Manufacturing wing of BH

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